Channeling Spring – Jack Rogers


As another snow storm brews I’m trying to think happy sunny warm thoughts. A little inspiration today by way of the iconic Palm Beach, made in the USA brand, Jack Rogers

Jackie O put Jack Rogers classic sandal on the map back in the 60’s and 70’s and some how these flip flops have stuck around holding their originial look.
What I love most about Jack Rogers brand is that these sandles come in a variety of colors and styles yet they possess both quality and comfort. my Jack Rogers are my summer staple,must have, can’t live without flip flop. As the warmer months near I know I’ll need to replace my trusty 8-year-old Jack Rogers so what better opportunity then a sale right?

Look at my poor old flops…

Wintertime is when I buy my summertime staples because usually I can get everything on sale. I’ve been on the hunt all winter for a pair of Jack Rogers, on sale, and that I loveI’m not just settling to have.

Jack Rogers is not failing this season with two of the biggest trends for your flops… Metallic Glitter Platinum and Tortoise! Naturally when I found these a few months back I had a huge crush on them.
The best part about these beauties is I waited and I’ve found them 33% off…thats right ladies….
Shop to find both of these Jack Rogers: Metallic and Tortoise

I can’t wait for the Tortoise to come in the mail and pair them this spring with my necklace and earrings from Benevolent Jewles.
Shop to find: Necklace / Earrings Get both 20% off with code HKCODE20

Funny thing is I’m feeling a little more SPRING in my step after this sales purchase today so BRING ON THE SNOW!

If you get a chance hop on over to Meghan’s blog Playing with Patterns to get to know me a little bit better through a fun blogger quiz Meghan has featured me in (yay!). Meghan is training for the Nike Womens Half Marathon this spring and is such an inspiring fashionista.


Do you wait for items to go on sale or do you splurge? Are you ready for spring/summer too?

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Just a twenty something DC professional dedicated to my personal running goals and blogging about fitness, food, and fashion goodies! Follow me as I continue to discover the right balance in this crazy busy world. Cheers!
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3 Responses to Channeling Spring – Jack Rogers

  1. OMG I love the tortoise ones! I’m so going to buy them ASAP – thank you!! As for splurge or wait for a sale…it depends on how badly I need or want them.

  2. :) definitely trying to think sunny thoughts myself!!

  3. Jena says:

    Don’t you love finding out of season items on sale! :) I am channeling a warm beach myself.

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