Out of the Office!

Actually in it!!!!


Throughout the year my job has it’s busy seasons and if it’s not busy it’s moderately busy or just slow. This time of year in particular happens to always be busy for me because unlike Congress’s inability to pass a bill on time or make decisions with my line of work we do as were told and do it on time. It’s like clockwork every December through March I’m strapped to my desk working long days. Without disclosing too much of what is irrelevant to what my blog is really about I’m a Financial Management Analyst when I’m not running.

Financial Analyst? Initially going into College I thought I’d study Business Marketing and then later work for some sort of branding company analyzing trends and managing marketing campaigns etc. In my early core business classes I found that having the ability to analyze data and forecast those concepts might be key to a marketing position. I concentrated in Finance instead of Marketing and mainly took economic classes as those additional filler classes. Little did I know that in 2009 as a graduate the economy was going to crap and getting a full time job would be difficult.

Fortunately for me I’m a planner and applied in advance for a number of positions and landed the opportunity I had that eventually turned into my current position. My dedication to both work and my long term running goals are pretty much one in the same. I work just as hard as I run and I don’t accept anything less from myself. Due to the strenuous work schedule this time of year I have to “step out of the blog office” for just a little bit. I can’t accept writing mediocre posts just to post and I know those of who find time to read this blog would respect that. After all this is a conical of sorts about my life and guess what not only has this blog come to a pause so has time with family, friends, my puppy Lilly, sleep, and running...I miss it all and look forward to my life outside of the walls of where I work when this busy season passes!

Until then I will catch up on what everyone else is up to and read while I’m on my late night train ride home. So please post a link of your blog or articles you recently have found fun or interesting.

About Holly

Just a twenty something DC professional dedicated to my personal running goals and blogging about fitness, food, and fashion goodies! Follow me as I continue to discover the right balance in this crazy busy world. Cheers!
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3 Responses to Out of the Office!

  1. piratebobcat says:

    I hope you get enough breaks to stay sane!

  2. cldem says:

    I totally understand! I think I’ve written on this no less than monthly myself :) we’ll be here when you’re less crazy!

  3. vitatrain4life says:

    Don’t work too hard woman! I’ll be waiting for your return :-)

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